Episode 059:

How to Rumble

Four Necessary Elements of Every Rumble

March 19, 2019

How to Rumble Transforming Mission

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How do you rumble?

In case this is your first episode, leave the boxing gloves at home or at the gym. A rumble isn’t a fight. It’s a willingness to have a deep conversation – even when it’s tough…especially when it is tough.

In today’s episode, we’ll walk through four elements of a rumble, giving you examples along the way. These four elements include:

  • Check your Rumble Readiness
  • Container Building
  • Defining the discussion
  • Rumble Starters

We start with the question we asked in Episode 058: How do I know if I am ready to rumble?

Then, we share stories of why container building is a necessary step to a rumble, what can happen when you do and don’t define the discussion, and introduce how rumble starters can be used in the context of a faithful conversation.

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