Episode 058:

How to Know if You’re Ready to Rumble with Vulnerability

March 12, 2019

Are You Ready to Rumble with Vulnerability?

In this episode, we return to our definition of rumble offered by Brene Brown. “A rumble is a discussion, conversation or meeting defined by a commitment to:

  • lean into vulnerability
  • stay curious and generous
  • stick with the messy middle
  • be fearless in owning our parts and to listen with the same passion with which we want to be heard.”

We set the stage for evaluating whether or not you’re ready to rumble as we share stories and a few of the items on a Rumble Readiness Checklist. Click below to get the list.

Grab the Rumble Starter Kit

Ready for more on rumbling with vulnerability?

Remember to grab your Rumble Readiness Checklist. In this episode, we remind you of the meaning of a rumble (hint: it's not a fight, it's a real conversation, even if it's tough) and explore three things to consider as you prepare for a rumble. We explore how this can help in times of disappointment, stress, and conflict. If you're making a critical decision, you need to rumble with your team. #vulnerability #church #leadership #pastors #transformingmission Transforming Mission