Episode 056:

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

Part 2

February 26, 2019

Are You Ready to Rumble?

No, we’re not asking you to step into a ring for a fight. We’re inviting you to have real conversations, even if it’s tough. This is part two of a mini-series about rumbling with vulnerability.

You can find Episode, 055, part 1 of this mini-series at TransformingMission.org/055.

As a reminder, a rumble is:

  •  A conversation – a real, honest conversation where we listen with the same passion as we want to be heard.
  • It’s about staying curious, leaning into to seek understanding, and showing up without preconceived ideas. It’s about listening closely.
  • A rumble says, “I care about what you have to say, I trust us to come together, and have a real, honest, faithful conversation about things that matter.”

In Episode 056, we talk about creating a safe space for a rumble, and that involves psychological safety. Specifically, we cover:

  • What is psychological safety? Especially as we seek to rumble.
  • Why psychological safety important.
  • The objections to psychological safety
  • Tools you can use to create psychological safety with our teams and groups in the local church.

Ready for More on  Rumbling with Vulnerability?

A rumble is a conversation where we lean in, listen closely and offer a gracious presence to hear and be heard. In today's episode, we explore the need for psychological safety to rumble. We also give two tools to help you create psychological safety. #rumble #vulnerability #church #pastor #faith #podcast Transforming Mission