Episode 049:

Is it Hope or Wishful Thinking?

January 8, 2019

Have you ever considered the difference between hope and wishful thinking?

Is it hope or wishful thinking? transforming mission

How often have you heard someone say, “I hope it doesn’t rain for the game.” That’s wishful thinking!

We have no control over whether it will rain or the sun will shine. But, hope, by contrast, is a choice. Turns out there are three things that make hope happen.

The Hope Cycle Transforming Mission

Goals, a pathway, and agency make hope happen. Listen in as we share a few stories about where and how you can make hope happen.

Along the way you’ll learn that hope is a choice, it’s not an emotion, and hope is teachable.

Most of us think hope is situational. If these are good, we can be people of hope. But that’s not true either.

Join us as we explore what makes hope happen and how you can make the choices as a leader, parent, and partner to make hope happen, too.

Time Stamp:

00:21 – Matzobrei

05:03 – Is it wishful thinking or hope?

08:54 – The trilogy of making hope happen

09:57 – Jesus demonstrating the three elements of hope

14:35 – Choosing a path of hope

18:00 – Hope is teachable

19:20 – Making hope happen in leadership

21:00 – Hope happens in a relationship with others

28:40 – Offering Hope