Episode 048:


January 6, 2019

Epiphany Transforming Mission Podcast

  • Today we celebrate Epiphany. May you awaken to God’s presence in your midst.
  • Read Matthew 2:1-12
  • Prayer for the Day:

O God, awaken us to your presence in our midst.  Stir up within us the desire to recognize the constellation of influence we have with our friends, relatives, acquaintances, and neighbors.   Equip us with the courage, compassion and the choice to lead others to Jesus. By the revelation of your great love and light, use us to lead a movement of Jesus followers. Amen

Epiphany Transforming Mission PodcastReceive the gift of awakening to God’s presence in your midst. May the joy of the Lord fill you this season as you are reminded of the gifts you received at Christmas  – the gifts of courage, compassion, connection, communion, context, community, change, celebration, influence, calling, coaching, and choices.

In just two days, a new, full episode of LeaderCast will be available. We look forward to all that is ahead in 2019!