Episode 054:

The Habits that Keep Us Grounded

February 12, 2019

What habits are a part of your daily life?

You head to the doctor for a routine check-up and get an unexpected diagnosis.

The phone rings and your son has been in a car accident.

Your spouse comes home from work and their job is being transferred to a different state.

You find out you’re expecting a baby. You get a promotion. You’re moving.

The church you’re a part of is holding a Special General Conference and you’re not sure what will happen once it’s over.

We’re sure you could add to the list of things that make you feel like the ground is shifting beneath you! In today’s episode, we explore the habits of our daily routine that keep us grounded.

Sara shares a part of her morning routine and Tim offers his evening routine. Both give us a glimpse into what helps us stay centered on Jesus when the ground beneath us is shifting.

In this LeaderCast episode, we explore the habits that ground our day and why these habits are important in times of change. Listen to the podcast at the link above. #podcast #faith #jesus #spiritualformation #transformingmission Transforming Mission

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