The Twelve Days of Christmas

Episode 044:

Day 9, Constellation of Influence

January 2, 2019

Updated November 24, 2019

day 9 Transforming Mission LeaderCast podcast

On the ninth day of Christmas, we give you the gift of a CONSTELLATION OF INFLUENCE. Yes, we’re serious. We’ll explain, if you’ll listen to Episode 044.

O God, we give you thanks for the people you have placed in our lives.  Today, help us understand that who we are and what we say makes a difference in their lives. Help us see each of them as part of our constellation of influence.  Make us aware of the people around us so that we may be a blessing to someone, somewhere today.  With this gift, let us be your loving presence as we lead a movement of Jesus people.  Amen

You have the gift of influence – a constellation of influence. Take the gift on this ninth day of Christmas and remember the gifts of courage, compassion, connection, communion, context, community, change, celebration.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 10.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!