The Twelve Days of Christmas

Episode 043:

Day 8, Celebration

  • On the eighth day of Christmas, we wish you a Happy New Year and give you the gift of CELEBRATION.
  • Read Luke 2:8-14
  • Prayer for the Day:

 O God, today we celebrate. We celebrate your movement in and through our lives.  We celebrate your presence and power in our local contexts.  We celebrate the announcement of the greatest celebration we have ever encountered.  We celebrate the movement of your Spirit as we start this new year.  Thank you, O God, for the gifts you have provided for us as we step into this new year ready and willing to celebrate in leading a movement of Jesus followers.  Amen.

As you celebrate the gift of God’s presence, as you celebrate the movement of the Spirit among you, as you celebrate the start of a new year, know that we’re celebrating the gift of your courage, compassion, connection, communion, context, community connector, change, and celebration.

Tune in tomorrow for Day 9.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, too.

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