Episode 034:

Looking Back to Look Ahead

We’re looking back on a coaching conversation Tim and Sara had in Episode 028: Put Me in Coach so we can step into 2019 with a few big ideas.

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When we started LeaderCast earlier this year, we did so with the idea of equipping you to lead a movement of Jesus followers. We’ve learned a lot about podcasts, production, and editing. But more than the technical aspects of sharing this podcast with you, we wanted to share where we’re heading in 2019. We identify four big buckets for you to consider: people development, being externally focused, contextual leadership, and self-leadership. These four areas are an aspect of transformational, missional leadership.

So as we look ahead, we look forward to bringing you episodes that have a tactical, strategic, or adaptive element to them.

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Finally, we have something special coming your way for Christmas. After you sing Silent Night and light the candles, tune in for a little gift from us for Christmas. How’s that for being a tease? 😉

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