Episode 017:

Teeter Totters Can Still

Teach Us About Stability

What do you need to provide stability?

Teeter-totters, or is it a see-saw? I’ll spare you the debate that unfolded on Facebook about this very question. Instead, this episode takes us to the playground for an example of stability.

As we explore the third need of followers (listen to episode 015 to explore trust & episode 016 to learn more about compassion.) The final episode will feature hope, look for it on August 14.

We’ll go on a journey into the three reasons stability is important to followers and how to create stability when everything around you seems to be changing.

Tim and Sara talk about their experiences with change, give a couple of outlandish examples of stability, and offer a reminder of where our stability comes from in the life of the local church.

As a leader, you create stability in specific ways. Or, you destabilize things. We’ll distinguish between change and instability and guide you toward leading others well.

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