Episode 014:

Who is a Disciple?

Are you a disciple?

In this episode, we explore six characteristics of a disciple. Briefly, a disciple of Jesus is someone who:

1) Embraces the mission

If our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and transform the world, embracing the mission involves helping people become more like Jesus.

2) Practices the Faith

This is embodied in the heart, mind, and work of Christ.

3) Is in a Relationship with Christ, a Christian community, and their local context

Here we talk about the three-fold relationships that exist. You might find it easier to remember it this way: the Up, In and Out relationships.

4) Is Present

Being present is about living an integrated, authentic life.

5) Serves with Others

Here you ask the question, what can we be doing that no one else is doing? We also explore the simplest act of service EVERYONE can do.

6) Embraces their Local Context

Knowing and embracing the local context around the local church.

Remember, a disciple loves like Jesus because they’ve been loved by Jesus.

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