Episode 008:

Bridging the Needs and Assets of Your Mission Field

What can we do that no one else is doing?

What might happen if the above question became a prayer: “O God, what do we need to be doing that no one else is doing?” Listening for the response to that prayer may just lead you into your mission field.

In this episode, we talk about identifying your mission field, the assets of your community and the needs of your community. No, we’re not inviting you to another meeting to answer more questions. We’re inviting you to get outside the walls of the church building and explore the community where God has placed you.

We’ll explore identifying your mission field from a personal and congregational perspective and share stories about how the mission field helps us build relationships to know the needs and assets of our community.

No – this isn’t one more thing to do. It’s an opportunity for your life to be shaped as a follower of Jesus.

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