Timeless Timeout Transforming Mission

Timeless Timeout

While we’re taking a little break from producing the podcast, that doesn’t mean we’re not sharing resources with you. We’ve offered three categories this week. Pick the one that you need at this moment.

Watch for a new episode of LeaderCast on August 15.

When Do You Plan?

In every new season, we’re invited to look again at what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and ask how it needs to change, improve, or adapt. And by new season, it could be as simple as a new month, a new liturgical season, or an important change on your team. Exploring why you’re doing what you’re doing and what is coming next isn’t just about planning for a blog and podcast. It’s about leadership. If you’re not helping your team look ahead, you may have a difficult time leading.

Last week, Tim and I spent time planning for the blog and podcast through the end of 2023. Our planning sessions are not a linear process. But, they do involve a lot of conversation, following rabbit trails, and brainstorming ideas – not necessarily in that order.

As we look at the months ahead, we’re excited about the topics we’ve identified and how they will serve you through the end of the year. The question remains, when do you plan?

5 Month Plan

I won’t say this is the first time we’ve done longer-term planning in the summer. But it is the first time in a while. There is something about the end of the year that tends to help me anticipate what is ahead. It’s also a more reflective time.

This year, as we sat down for summer planning, we did so with lots of ideas in mind. We were not married to any of the ideas. They were just jumping-off points for conversation, reflection, and ultimately planning. We shared ideas, made notes, talked through ideas, and explored what was most important. Someone watching us might wonder what’s happening as it looks like a lot of chaos for a while.

But, every time we plan, the messy middle always gives way to a clearing. In my experience, when you give enough time to the exploration of ideas and talking through what’s important, when it comes time to make decisions, they flow quickly. At least they do for us. I offer that to say, don’t be impatient with your planning process. Allow God to work in you and through you and you’ll end up right where you need to be.

As a leader, it is important you’re leading the way for others to plan. Don’t do it in isolation from others. Sure, do your homework and come prepared to lead conversations, listen well to one another, and make decisions. Doing so will help set expectations and set a rhythm for people to follow.

Resources for Planning

Below you’ll find one podcast and one blog that can help you as you consider a time of planning with your team.

In Episode 059 we explored how to rumble. A rumble is a conversation where everyone leans in, asks questions and offers their insights. This episode can help you set the context and expectations for planning conversations (or any decision-making conversation). It also offers questions to help generate conversations that go deeper than personal preferences.

Listen to Episode 059: How to Rumble

Tim offers insight and questions for your personal reflection in this blog post.

As a reminder, we’re taking a timeout on the podcast right now. August 15 we’ll share a new podcast episode. Until then, we hope these “timeless timeouts” will help fuel your life and leadership.

In the rhythms of life and ministry, rest is important. May you take a “timeout” at some point in this season to refocus and renew your spirit.