God is Always With Us

by Mr. John Walker


John 14:1


It can be very difficult to live an untroubled life under the current conditions. We are directed to stay at home and not have contact with “the outside world.” We follow all the guidelines about washing hands and keeping a distance from others. 

Then the boredom of this life catches up with us. In our boredom we watch too much news, worry too much, go out when necessary and worry about being among others. I want to suggest a plan to help you.

We are in the time of change of seasons. We need to find ways to not be troubled and to believe in Jesus. There are many ways in this time of change which make us realize that Jesus is still at work for each of us daily.

I made a short list that can serve as reminders for us, of the gifts we are receiving: we have more daylight to enjoy the changes happening right before our eyes, the grass is turning green, trees are budding, some flowers have started to grow, the birds are singing in the morning and throughout the day, and we are blessed by the rain to make things grow.

I encourage you not to miss spring. It has some great opportunities for you, brought to you by God. Many times we are working and miss the parts of spring as they unfold.

Take this time to focus on spring as it happens. It is a gift from God to help you make this time of being at home an opportunity. Take an inventory of your yard and see where you can get things ready for spring and summer.    

Today, take a walk around your yard and neighborhood and make a list of the gifts you find from God and Jesus.


Jesus, thank you for the many gifts you have provided that I have missed. Help me to take time each day to see them, and appreciate all you are doing for us all daily. Amen.


What did you see that strengthened your belief in God and what he is doing for everyone?

Comment below or use a journal to record how God is with you each day of this journey.

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