Missional Gap Assessment

What is the GAP Assessment?

Short answer: An online assessment tool to identify a congregation’s missional readiness.

Long answer: The results from the online assessment guide leaders through conversations and decision points around living into the mission of making disciples and transforming the world.

What’s the first step?

The first step involves inviting the leadership to complete the assessment. It identifies the gap between what is personally important and the effectiveness of the congregation.  Actually, the first step is letting us know you want to do the assessment with your leaders. Contact us at gap@transformingmission.org

What do you mean by missional readiness?

Is the congregation ready and able to focus on making disciples and participating in individual and community transformation.

Why engage Transforming Mission and the Missional GAP process?

  1. You have a challenge that is wearing you out, frustrating you, and/or you’ve exhausted every program you know to use.
  2. You are frustrated with a church in decline or stuck in the status quo.
  3. You see roadblocks to any change.
  4. You experience resistance…all. the. time.
  5. You want buy-in from the congregation but aren’t sure where to start.
  6. You’re tired of special interests, personal interests, and/or lack of missional impact.
  7. You want to work toward fulfilling God’s mission for the church in your local context.

If any of the above speak to you, here are seven solutions we believe will help you move toward fulfilling the mission of God.

Here are seven ways Transforming Mission and the Missional GAP Assessment process can help you and your congregation.

  • Every challenge we face is made easier when we have a guide. We are prepared to serve as your guide toward transformation. Your leadership in the local church is important to us. We believe in you and the local church. We believe the local church is the most important and effective way to make disciples of Jesus Christ and transform the world.
  • We recognize there is a gap between personal preferences and missional effectiveness in the local church. The assessment identifies where gaps exist and invites the congregation to make decisions about how to address the gap.
  • We’re here to help you clear a path for transformational change so the church can fulfill its mission.
  • This process models four aspects of discipleship while addressing transformational change.
  • We’ve designed an invitational process to help you involve leaders, members, and constituents in gaining an understanding of one another, the congregation, and the church’s mission.
  • We’ve designed a process to guide you and your leaders in identifying the difference between personal importance and congregational effectiveness as it relates to the mission.
  • We will partner with you to coach you in fulfilling God’s mission.

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