Galatians 5, Day 7

Galatians 5 Transforming Mission


Review Galatians 5


After laying a theological foundation, Paul moves to Christian ethics.  He begins with the responsibility of freedom. He illustrates by using the images of “flesh” and “Spirit” to contrast freedom as self-indulgence with freedom as walking in the life of the Spirit.

He shows the conflicting tension between the two powers. His point is a life lived in Christ, led by the Holy Spirit, is a life of love that reveals itself in behaviors of love. When you are in Christ and are moved by the Spirit, the unexpected acts of Christian love come in response to God’s grace.


Follow Jesus

Take one more opportunity to practice sharing God’s love today. Today your challenge is to share God’s love with someone where you worship. Consider the person who may not hear words of love and appreciation.

Then, consider your thoughts, feelings, and actions from the past week. How did your actions, and attitudes create an atmosphere of love? Remember it’s called costly grace for a reason!


Almighty and everlasting God, thank you for giving me the opportunity this week to respond to the love you first offered to me. I celebrate the ways you help me grow in grace. Amen.


Way to go! God’s love multiplied through you throughout the week. Share your reflections from today or this week.

Use a notebook to record your responses. Share your celebrations in the comments below or in the Facebook group (You’ll find a link to request to join in your confirmation email. Not registered? Sign-up here.)

Galatians 5 Transforming Mission


Extra Thoughts

If you haven’t taken a moment to review the “Overview of Following Jesus Every Day: Galatians,” please do so. You’ll find a few tips that will help you start this journey.

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