Galatians 4, Day 2

Galatians 4 Transforming Mission


Galatians 4:3-7

We are not “naturally” children of God, but become God’s children by the free grace of God’s act in adopting us, even as former slaves, into God’s family.


Apart from Christ, you are enslaved to the Law.  But Jesus, accepting and sharing the conditions and restrictions of human existence, is the way of grace.  


Follow Jesus

You’re one of God’s children. He wants you to continue growing up. And, no, your age has nothing to do with being mature in Christ! Today, reach out and thank one person who has helped you grow as a follower of Jesus.


Lord Jesus, thank you for making yourself known to me through the people who have nurtured my faith. Guide me as I seek to share God’s love with others. Amen.


Share the first name of a person who has helped you grow as a follower of Jesus. Bonus: tell us one way they made a difference in your life.

Use a notebook to record your responses. Share your celebrations in the comments below or in the Facebook group (You’ll find a link to request to join in your confirmation email. Not registered? Sign-up here.)


Prayers for the People who Nurture Faith Transforming Mission


Extra Thoughts

If you haven’t taken a moment to review the “Overview of Following Jesus Every Day: Galatians,” please do so. You’ll find a few tips that will help you start this journey.

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