Galatians 1, Day 6

A daily reading plan for the book of Galatians. #bible #biblestudy #God #faith #jesus


Galatians 1:18-24

Paul’s independence was creating trouble. However, it was precisely because of Paul’s witness that the Galatians encountered God’s love.


As you follow Jesus, how are your actions in alignment with the gospel? The historic faith? The denomination? Who are you sharing the love of Christ with? How is your life and their life being changed as a result? Where does the church need to create room for independence? For convergence?


Follow Jesus

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We know that as Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Pay attention to your actions today. Notice the response your actions receive.


Only because of you, Lord Jesus, can I proclaim your glory and goodness. Only because of you, Lord, can I encounter life-changing faith. Guide me to be a person of integrity and grace. Amen.


In the evening, reflect on the following: What response did you receive today from your actions? Use a notebook to record your responses. Share your celebrations in the comments below.


Galatians Bible Study Question Transforming Mission

Extra Thoughts

If you haven’t taken a moment to review the “Overview of Following Jesus Every Day: Galatians,” please do so. You’ll find a few tips that will help you start this journey.

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