Galatians 1, Day 4

A daily reading plan for the book of Galatians. #bible #biblestudy #God #faith #jesus


Galatians 1:13-14

Paul is teaching through his own autobiography. He encountered the transforming love of God in Jesus Christ. This transformation did not come by the Law, but directly from Christ.


The transformation Paul experienced set him apart as a new person. It didn’t put his Jewish brothers and sisters in jeopardy, it set him apart. What sets you apart as a follower of Jesus Christ? As Paul continues to write to the Galatians, we’ll soon see that
the traditions of Judaism that are causing controversy include circumcision, dietary laws, sabbath observances, and the system of sacrificial feasts.


Follow Jesus

Today, do something that sets you apart as a follower of Jesus Christ. Love, give, share out of response to Christ’s love for you. Do so without expectation that it is returned.


Jesus, you meet me where I am and love me for who I am. Confront me with your life-transforming grace. Make me a new creation in Christ. All for your glory, Amen.


In the evening, reflect on the following: What did you do today that set you apart as a follower of Jesus? How did it set you apart? Use a notebook to record your responses. Share your celebrations in the comments below.

Grace prayer Transforming Mission

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