Faithful Followers

faithful followers

Faithful followers

Jesus invited ordinary people to follow him. They were fishermen and tax collectors who became faithful followers. I imagine today Jesus would invite baristas and stock market brokers, parents and school teachers, the one selling cars and the one washing our cars.

I could see Jesus walking into the big box store and inviting the cashier and stock person, then moving on to a computer store. There, he’d call front end developers and engineers, gamers and graphic designers. You are invited to respond to this call, too.

The first disciples followed with courage, questions, and commitment to sit at the feet of Jesus. Their desire was to learn how to be like Jesus. To be faithful to the call of making disciples, we must first be faithful followers of Jesus. Where are you on that journey? Today, respond to the call of making disciples by drawing close to the one who calls you. Sit with Jesus and listen. Then tomorrow, do it all again.

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