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Gritty Faith and Gritty Facts…and the power of ‘and’

For the third week, we’re inviting you to have real conversations, even if it’s tough. We’re asking you to lean in, listen deeply, and ask questions.

In today’s episode, we’re talking about gritty faithy and gritty facts, the danger of binary thinking, and offering two questions to add to your rumbling toolbox. We answer these two questions based on the events of General Conference last week.

We start with some of the things that can be in competition around the local church.

  • Finances v. creative/worship arts
  • Spenders v. savers
  • Internal v. external
  • Ordained clergy v. laity
  • Local v. global
  • Works of piety v. works of mercy

What happens when the above items are thought of as being in competition with one another? We’ll give you a few ideas about why binary thinking can be dangerous. Then, we’ll consider what can happen when we change just one word:

  • Finances and creative arts
  • Spenders and savers
  • Internal and external
  • Ordained clergy and laity
  • Inward and outward
  • Local and global
  • Works of piety and works of mercy

Join us for part 3 of Let’s Get Ready to Rumble as we explore the gritty facts and gritty faith and the power of “and” so you can lead others in rumbling with vulnerability.

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